Optimising E-comm Order Fulfilment

In short

A leading retailer faced challenges in optimising the fulfilment of e-commerce orders, particularly in the collection and handover experience for gig-economy delivery partners. Drivers perceived the retailer orders as financially less attractive, with varying pick-up processes across stores, inconsistent bag packing practices, and occasional gaps in in-store worker knowledge.


Australian Retail Giant


User Research
Continuous Discovery
Assumption and Hypothesis Testing


Over four weeks, we interviewed 15 partner delivery drivers to understand their experiences and perspectives with the retailer and what defined a good pick-up and fulfilment process.

Suggestions to enhance the partner driver experience included:

• Explore a 'Pack and Deliver' model, where drivers go in-store to pack the customers' shopping, alleviating the in-store staff's workload.

• Provide drivers with clear in-app instructions and a two-way feedback system.

• Clear guidelines for efficient bag-packing practices.

• Adhering to in-app verification checks to ensure order accuracy

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