A Logistics Platform Overhaul

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In response to challenges posed by a sub-optimal customer experience, our engagement began with a comprehensive review of the annual IT budget. The objective was to assess the potential for transformative changes to enhance customer satisfaction significantly. The proliferation of legacy IT systems had reached a critical juncture, adversely affecting day-to-day operations. Customer expectations for convenience, efficiency, and transparency were growing, fuelled by the emergence of new cloud-based digital platforms. The company, hampered by low data maturity, faced the risk of falling behind in a dynamic market.


Australia's oldest logistics company


Desk research
User research
User testing


A 3 month research sprint was conducted, during which stakeholders and customers were interviewed to gain insights into their challenges and aspirations. Additionally, we conducted a thorough competitor analysis and a SWOT analysis to position the company within the market landscape. Industry share back sessions were organised to provide informed guidance on the future roadmap, culminating in synthesising this information into operating models.


Rearchitecting of the company's cloud infrastructure and the reduction of Transportation Management Systems. This strategic move streamlined operations and yielded a remarkable $15 million ROI. Beyond cost savings, the initiative identified 20 opportunities to leverage data effectively in designing pivotal moments that matter, enhancing the delivery of customer value.

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