Understanding donor motivations

In short

The Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital (RBWH) Foundation aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the motivations, experiences, and habits of recent first-time donors. The objective was to inform the marketing strategy, focusing on acquiring and growing the donor base.


RBWH Foundation


Qualitative Interviews
UX Research


A thorough investigation was conducted by interviewing 32 participants and surveying 280 recent donors. Personas, Customer Experience maps, and a high-level marketing strategy were built based on the collected insights.

Key findings included:

Channelling donations: Supporters are happy and trust the Foundation to channel their donations in the most appropriate way they see fit instead of donating to a project or cause.

Transparency and accountability: An adequate level of reporting on how the Foundation uses its funding is needed. However, this can be high-level and doesn't need to be over-communicated to supporters.

Visibility: Although communication needs different channels, efforts should be focused in the hospital to drive awareness of funding efforts and success stories.

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