Enhancing Payroll Efficiency for Small Businesses

In short

Small businesses in award-heavy industries face significant challenges in their payroll workflows. The complexities of penalty rates and awards, diverse timesheet management practices, and the absence of streamlined setup, hire, and payment processes present a substantial business problem. The organisation aimed to thoroughly understand these issues to build a payroll solution tailored to businesses with under 20 employees.




User Research
Continuous Discovery
Assumption and Hypothesis Testing


Over 12 weeks, we conducted 40 in-depth interviews. The focus was on businesses within award-heavy sectors like retail, hospitality, trades, and construction. The interviews aimed to delve into specific aspects of the payroll workflow, exploring handovers, identifying mistakes, understanding contextual variations, and gaining insights into the people involved.


Uncovered critical pain points in small businesses' payroll workflows within award-heavy industries. The proposed solution involves developing a tailored, best-in-class payroll product in 2024.

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